The "Low Rider" Frames provides great versatility. The wrap-around design is both stylish and practical, whilst the sides and arms are adjustable to cater for all head sizes, and are suitable for a wide range of sport applications including skiing, snowboarding, cycling, mountaineering, fishing, shooting and golf.

This Frame has interchangable lenses which enable the user to easily switch lenses for different uses. The Lenses simply push and click in to position and push and click out to change back.

For example, you could have a pair of RX(prescription) Lenses with "Transitions®" lenses for use in most situations, and a pair of "Polaroid®" RX(prescription) Lenses made up for when you are enjoying water sports such as sailing or fishing.

some suggested lens types for your sport:

On snow use either Silver Mirror, brown,luminal, orange, or blue.
on the road use either clear, smoke, silver mirror, luminal or brown.
for desert, mountains or glaciers use where there is extreme sunlight use Sun reflective.

Water sport use Green Polarising.
Driving use Amber.
Shooting use Vermillion
Golf use Bicolour

Supplied with 1 pair of Clear Ophthalmic Plastic Lenses with Anti Scratch coating as standard..

- Prescription available upto +/- 6sph/2cyl (Single Vision)

Extra Lens Types available =

Polarised (Nupolar) Lenses = Single Vision £ 85.00 extra
Polarised (Nupolar) Lenses = Varifocal £154 extra

Transitions (reactolight) = Single Vision £ 86 Extra
Transitions (reactolight) = Varifocal £ 137 Extra

{Transitions Trivex* "Xtra Active™" Varifocal = £ £276.00 Extra
{Pre Tinted at 10% reacts to 83%
(our ref = NX53.GB/BR)
*Trivex is a lightweight extra strength lens idealy suited to sports wear for the additional strength and lightweight charactistics.

- Includes Single Vision lens type, select from, Clear, Brown, Gray,

- Silver mirror, Gray, Brown = £ 25 Extra

- Deluxe zipper case
- Sports head strap
- Cleaning cloth

Please specifiy on your Order the following information:

Prescription for your lenses and the lense type required (ie amber)

Additional external lens types can be purchased from 52.50 per pair to make your frame suitable for other sports by simply exchanging one lens type for Another which is a simple operation. This makes these frames very versatile.

Price Range from: 149  1     # 00503


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